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Founder, President and CEO


Prof. David Anderson BSc (Hons) PhD (Melbourne).  Founder, President and CEO of Nanjing BioPoint Diagnostic Technology Co. Ltd.


Prof. David Anderson is the Deputy Director of the Macfarlane Burnet Institute for Medical Research and Public Health in Melbourne, Australia. He also holds the position of Principal Fellow from the Department of Microbiology and Immunology, University of Melbourne.  Prof. Anderson received his PhD in molecular virology from the University of Melbourne and his major research interests include diagnostics and vaccine development, has published over 60 peer-reviewed papers and filed 9 families of patent applications. He has founded a number of startup/spinoff companies based on his research, and has been involved in both contract and collaborative research with the pharmaceutical and biotech industries since 1991. 
Prof. Anderson has previously invented point of care and laboratory tests for diagnosis of hepatitis E virus infection (sold under license by MP Biomedical, Singapore) and for measurement of CD4 T-cells (licensed to Omega Diagnostics, UK).  The CD4 test has been recognised as one of the “Ten of the Best” projects for 2010 from the National Health and Medical Research Council, Australia, and received the Australian Pharmaceutical Industry “Prime Award” for Life Science Innovation (2012). The Burnet Institute has been granted 920,000 AUD from the NMHRC and 1.6 million USD from USAID (an agency under WHO) for field trials of this innovation, currently taking place in India and in African countries.
Prof. Anderson’s responsibilities at the Burnet Institute include coordination of commercial and translational research, in his role as Head of the Office for Business Development, Innovation and Research, as well as leading the Diagnostics Development Laboratory with a focus on unmet needs for infectious disease diagnostics in the developing world.