Results of clinical trial on the plasma separation device VLPlasma accepted for international journal publication

2020-05-14 VIEW:

The results of the clinical trial of the plasma separation device VLPlasma® has been accepted for publication in the “Journal of Clinical Microbiology”. The content of the article has been posted online (

The article titled “Performance of a novel low-cost, instrument-free plasma separation device for HIV viral load quantification and determination of treatment failure in people living with HIV in Malaysia: a diagnostic accuracy study” details the performance of the device in one of its targeted applications i.e. preparing samples for HIV viral load testing. The excellent performance of the device in accordance to the golden standard of using fresh plasma proved that the device can be used to separate the plasma from the whole blood cheaply, conveniently and effectively without instrument.  Nanjing BioPoint provided the trial samples manufactured with ISO13485 certification.