Plasma Separation Device VLPlasma has obtained CE mark

2020-08-19 VIEW:

The plasma separation device (VLPlasma®) manufactured by the Nanjing BioPoint® Diagnostic Technology Co., Limited has been granted CE mark (NL-CA002-2020-52848) by the CIBG (Centraal Informatiepunt Beroepen Gezondheidszorg) of the Netherland.

This achievement has enabled the company to market and sell the plasma separation devices in Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia and Latin America commercially.

The BioPoint® VLPlasma® device is a rapid instrument-free, disposable device that separates human whole blood to get dry cell-free plasma. In many medical examinations the cell-free plasma is required to avoid interference from other parts of blood. The BioPoint® VLPlasma® device provides a method of easily obtaining cell-free plasma and safely transporting the sample to central laboratories.

The device is especially suited for using in resource-limited settings.